Based On A True Story...

Blake, an inner city football star earns a full ride to a D1 University. This fish-out-of-water short highlights the accusation of rape and how important it is to tread lightly.


Great stories attract visionary directors, committed crew and talented cast mates. This synergy excites producers, investors, advertisement executives and distributors. Abiff Productions, LLC brings them all together to make an artistic, commercially viable television show that engages the audience. A millennial experience.

Introducing Shawn Turner:

We all have been told, and at times feel, that anything is possible regardless of where you come from. But when life gets in the way of destiny – living your dream may not always seem within reach. As an actors become more tenacious, negative experiences, hardship and even life itself can cloud our perception of what we are actually capable of. Shawn Turner, a voice to millennials, wants everyone to face a mirror and ask ourselves one simple question when we feel like something is not possible or going to work out… Says who?

The Power within:

It took nearly 3 years for me to realize that in order to keep the faith and pursue my dreams I’d have to learn to play chest. Everyone comes to Hollywood to earn a shot at their big break.  Because I was broke by investing my personal funds into the ‘system’, it took years to develop my own ideas and explore the reality that many of my hardships were the result of someone else’s thoughts. I’d like to let my fellow artist know that when everything seems down and outlook within yourself for the answer to your salvation. Be willing to sacrifice, and suffer for the things you desire the most. YOU have the power to make your life whatever you’d like it to be. Millennials know what we want, and will go after it even if it takes our last breath.

Blake’s World Synopsis

Blake’s World is the show that aims to unite the minds of millennials that shapes a new world. Blake Jenkins is an African-American high school football star and math whiz who earns a full-ride scholarship to play for the prestigious Lake Park University’s football program in Los Angeles, CA, a fictitious college. Often referred to as a young Michael Vick, Blake has the distinction of being the best quarterback of all time from the State of Florida. Blake is riding high and accustomed to having things go his way.

With a palpable momentum and a distinctive way of transcending above obstacles, Blake has the ability to charm and get what he wants. He thinks he has it all figured out, but he overlooks the importance of tread light and – his sister Jasmine, also a student at Lake Park University. Jasmine, a hip black chick keeps black in check like any big sister would. She has a close alliance with Dr. Heckman, a real, yet classy Dean of Students who treats Blake like her son. Not surprisingly, the partying and tunnel vision erupts when Blake forms a friendship with his equally egotistical teammate John, an All-American, over-privileged frat who has the ambition of creating a new fraternity.

This refreshing and exciting friendship hints of ShowTime’s “Survivor’s Remorse” meets “The Neighbors”, “Friday Night Lights” and “Blue Mountain State” with its dark comedy and sureness. If you pay attention you may find hints, although Blake’s World aims to be innovative by incorporating present day in a satire portrayal with comical delivery from this generation Y character. Blake’s World has the potential of critical acclaim as the project aims to take underlying and realistic experience, that inspire millennials.

5 Things About Me!

I have surveyed a total of 50 indusrty professionals to come up with a list of five questions that you may be interested in knowing the answer to:

Q: Where are you from?

A: I grew up in a small town called Lake Placid, two hours south of Orlando, Florida. One of my best memories is when I first visited family in Mount Vernon, NY. For the eight months I was there I would skip school to see my first talent agent, Dorothy Palmer. She’d pay me $15 and buy my metro pass daily, I’d run mail to local casting offices. At 14, it was a pivotal point in my life because it provided me with an opportunity to explore the Big Apple. In those eight months I’d spend time with kids at a Harlem, NY YMCA and danced to entertain tourists, everyone loves a southern charm!

Q: Who’s your biggest inspiration?

A: Byron Allen, he’s funny, respectable and his lawsuit against Charter Communications is commendable.

Q: What makes you unique?

A: TENACITY! I came to Los Angeles with $150 in my pocket and plans to put into action. Most people here expect something for nothing.

Q: Why should Hollywood give you a chance?

A: Hollywood is tricky. I just have a lot to live for and people sense it. In fact, I transform under pressure. I've always been the one to supersede expectations. With every failure, I’ve fallen forward because I’m not afraid; sooner or later the gates will open.

Q: Why’s Blake’s World important to the Industry?

A: Blake’s World is important because I think it’s one of those stories that is important to young people. It’s important to have someone under 30 in an executive position, because Blake knows how to ‘genuinely’ connect with an audience. You don’t need to spend millions on marketing and production to engage a hungry audience that’s been mislead by rehashed stories and predictable outcomes.

Q: What are your thoughts on ‘Black Lives Matter’?

A: It all starts with compassion, respect and growth.